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West Chicago Locksmith: Transponder Keys, Problems

If you’ve ever tried to start your vehicle, only to realize that it won’t work, then you know how annoying it is. When you can’t figure out the cause of the problem that makes the situation even more difficult. Hopefully this information will point you in the right direction if you find that the cause is the transponder key. West Chicago Locksmith provides assistance to locals dealing with transponder key problems in West Chicago, GA as well as in the surrounding area. We know that many issues can come up, but we are here to offer solutions. Rest assured a lock and security provider should be able to help you so you can avoid paying an excessive amount of money at your dealership or with a mechanic. Locksmiths tend to offer the best rates!

What Exactly Are Transponder Keys?

Transponder keys are common today and popular. A transponder key has a transponder chip, which is connected to the car’s computer. Without a functional chip, things won’t work properly. Most vehicles that were built after the mid-1990s have transponder chips in their corresponding keys. The chip will disarm a car or truck’s immobilizer when the key is utilized to start up the engine. So, the chip which is in the top of the key (typically a plastic part) will send and receive a signal that comes from the computer in the vehicle – you will only have the ability to turn on the ignition if you are using the appropriate key. Transponder keys must be a match for the vehicle; therefore, they act as a good way to prevent theft.

Transponder Key Problems

There are numerous concerns that can come up when using transponder keys. No matter how tech-savvy you might be, you could still end up facing one of these issues at some point. Take a look at the most common concerns that persons deal with which cause the transponder keys to fail to work properly:

  • The transponder chip can come out

    Maybe you ended up dropping your key and it hit the ground so hard that the part with your vehicle’s logo and buttons opened. The chip which is inside of the key is so small that it could fall out and you might not even notice. When you put the parts back together again, ensure you have the transponder chip in there and that it is in the correct spot. Without the chip, the key will not be effective.

  • The key can break

    You can avoid breaking your keys by exhibiting caution and not using them to do things like pick open objects or open bottles. You should also try to avoid yanking on your key if it becomes jammed in the ignition of your car. Why? Because it can end up breaking off and getting stuck. Transponder keys can break just like any other key can.

  • The key can become stuck in the ignition

    As mentioned, the key can get stuck in the ignition. There just might be an issue with the key itself or the ignition cylinder might be the culprit. If you think your key is stuck, look at the position of your steering wheel before panicking. It might be locked. Wiggling it from side to side gently might loosen the key for you. Just do not force the key out because you can end up breaking it!

  • The key can become misshapen

    Bent keys are difficult because they are fragile. It can happen for a variety of reasons, but if it happens to your key, it might be a wise idea to have it replaced with a new transponder key. Excessive temperatures or even physical force can cause a transponder key to bend – if this happens to you, talking to a locksmith could prove to be very beneficial.

Prevent Transponder Key Problems

If you have a problem with your transponder key, you have the option of going to your dealership, a mechanic or even a locksmith. Rest assured, the locksmith option is going to be the most affordable. Of course, the best option is always to prevent an issue from occurring whenever possible. This can be easier said than done, though. You want to avoid dropping your key if possible; certainly avoid throwing your key or applying any excessive pressure which could cause it to break. Don’t force the key out of your ignition cylinder if it becomes stuck. If you keep your car keys in your purse, try to avoid throwing a bunch of other items on top of the key. These are just some basic ideas which could or could not help you prevent transponder key problems. But if you find that you are doing online searches along the lines of…

“Transponder key not working”

“Auto repair for transponder keys”

“Transponder key replacement near me”

Or even “problems with transponder keys,” then you should consider calling a local locksmith. You will find that the rates are considerably less than if you were to go to your dealership. Yes, you will be able to find information online that offers advice on how to bypass transponder chip key issues. However, you can easily make a mistake and end up spending more money than is necessary. There are a plethora of videos on YouTube which claim to tell you how to replace keys without programming and how to work around chips. Just bear in mind that the entire reason a transponder key was created was to offer convenience and security, so it really is in the best interest of the vehicle owner to seek out the assistance of a professional who has the right tools to get the job done.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of what to do when things go wrong with your transponder key – of course, at West Chicago Locksmith, we hope that your transponder keys will last for as long as possible, without any issue. But we know that things can go wrong. When they do, if you’re in our service area, we will happily help you out! Thanks for reading about transponder keys and the issues which can arise with them.