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Why Use Deadbolt Locks

First it might help by telling you what a deadbolt and the level of protection it offers. It is a lock that is durable and very difficult to break because of its design and locking mechanism. It is different from most locks because it is a spring lock. It opens with a key or by turning the knob. Basically, there are two standard types of deadbolt locks. One uses a keyhole with a knob on the opposite side. This one is used on most hopes. All that is required is to enter the key to unlock and turn the knob to open. This type of deadbolt is called a single cylinder deadbolt lock. The other one is a double cylinder deadbolt, which is not installed as often as the single cylinder. The reason for this is that both sides of the door have a keyhole, thus a key is necessary to unlock the lock. This can be especially unsettling if you can’t find one of the keys in the event of an emergency, like a fire. The person would lose their life if they couldn’t escape. Therefore, due to the severity of this situation, most people opt for the single cylinder, which in the opinion of most of our locksmiths at West Chicago Locksmith, works just fine.

If you argue that a deadbolt lock isn’t necessary when you have one than one standard lock on your door, we would have to argue that this is not true. A standard lock is far easier to compromise than a deadbolt lock. Therefore, deadbolt locks are among the most popular. They give any door that they are installed on, added security. It is extremely difficult for anyone to get to the locking mechanism of a deadbolt lock since it is in the lock and not the door knob. While it is true that some deadbolt locks are compromised, it isn’t often. It takes too long to break them and it is for this reason that a lot of intruder give up in even trying to. If you were to try to kick in a door with a deadbolt lock on it, the chances are the you wouldn’t do it much damage. If you tried to do the same thing with a standard lock, you can usually kick in the frame of the door to gain access. Reports indicate that approximately 60% of break-ins happen due to forced entry. A deadbolt lock can prevent this from occurring.

The one that that you’ll need to do for the deadbolt lock to be effective is to lock it. This might sound strange but the truth is that not everyone remembers to lock the deadbolt behind them. This type of lock isn’t expensive but it is an effective way to add security to your home. You also must select the right type of deadbolt and make sure it is installed on the right type of door. If you have a door with windows on the front, all an intruder must do is break the glass to enter your home. If the deadbolt lock can be reached from this vantage point, this probably isn’t the best type of door to have a deadbolt installed on. Another thing that we feel necessary to tell people, believe it or not is that you should remember to take the key out of the door if you don’t want someone to come in unannounced. As silly as this sounds, it happens all the time.

We can’t tell you the good without tell you the bad. Although from out standpoint, the good far outweighs the bad when it comes to deadbolt locks. If you do your research we are sure that you’ll be able to determine which ones are best suited for your needs. You can always contact our locksmiths if you have questions about deadbolt locks and which ones you should use for your home or commercial building. After considering the information below, we’ll let you decide if you feel the same way that we do about the necessity to have deadbolt locks.

Lock Bumping

As we mentioned the deadbolt is not easily compromised and is extremely durable. However, it can be compromised if it is bumped. Most professionals know what this means. What you should know is that there are bump resistant deadbolts available, however, you will pay more for it.

If you have a keyless deadbolt, an intruder only needs to gain access to the code or password to gain access inside

The double cylinder deadbolt can become problematic if the person is unable to locate both keys to exit the building or house when there is an emergency.

A deadbolt can be compromised if it is applied to weak frame.

While some people would still argue that they are not worth having there are just as many, if not more who would argue differently. If someone can to get into your home because the door was kicked in, you can guess that it wasn’t because the deadbolt lock didn’t hold it, it was because the lock was placed on a compromised or weak door frame. With a reinforced strike plate and longer screws, you do not have to worry about this occurring. The locksmith who installed them will know that they need to be installed onto studs.

If you’re in a new home that doesn’t have deadbolt locks on the exterior doors, make sure you contact our locksmiths at West Chicago Locksmith to install your deadbolt locks today. They are also helpful by consulting with you about the types of deadbolt locks that should be used on your doors. Having deadbolt locks installed is one of the most economical ways to improve the condition of your home security. People often contact us to try to figure out what type of security features to have installed and when we explain that their home security begins with their locks, they don’t always believe that this is true until their locks have been broken.